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    Abeer Sharaf

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    A knack for marketing, devotion to serving others, an outstanding work ethic, and a longtime passion for learning are the trademarks of Abeer Sharaf's real estate career. Abeer, the producing Owner of Birmingham, AL, based Abeer Sharaf REALTOR®, doesn't take anything for granted. Having entered the industry during the USA's most difficult time, her hard work and boundless energy soon propelled her through the most challenging market in recent memory. And with perseverance, Abeer later earned a spot where she could win the clients' trust. "I've always been an early adopter," she says,

    As early as her first days in the business, Abeer becomes a listings specialist. She has applied groundbreaking techniques to real estate marketing and business development. "I poured myself into my career; I invested in myself and hired one of the most professional real estate coaches in the country. I did as much education and research as I could to stand out," says Abeer, who already held both a master's degree and a Communication & behavioral Coaching certificate. "I've done things differently than other agents right from the beginning, marketing from the ground up and staying ahead of the curve." When other agents grew frustrated with the surge of short sales, Abeer found inspiration.

    Her multiple designations and her consultative approach to client relations prove that, if there's something to learn, Abeer will embrace it. After all, she says, "The more every agent knows, the better off every client and agent will be." "And the better job each agent does with marketing and selling homes, the better we all do."

    Abeer places such high importance on marketing that her four full-time staff members include a virtual assistant, digital marketer, and a marketing specialist and a transaction coordinator. "I market my properties the same way they market the multi-million dollar homes over Beverly Hills," says Abeer, noting that every property gets the full package, whether priced at $100,000 or $1 million. Before a home is listed, Abeer Sharaf REALTOR® pays for primary staging and conducts professional photography, videography, and drone photography; the team then produces property-specific websites and four-page color brochures. "Our digital marketing gets the maximum exposure with SEO techniques and enhanced online placements. We're also doing target marketing and Video-text-message marketing in addition to signs and brochures."

    All of this effort helps Abeer achieve her main goal – satisfied clients. "I love being able to help people," she says. "It's about the person, not the money. Around our office, we say, 'Value To People,' and we know that as long as we're taking great care of people, the best will come." Abeer's vast experience enables her to be proactive, not reactive, during each transaction. "I work with experts who are more than 30 years in this business and closed so many deals that we know what can go wrong!" Abeer says with a self-deprecating laugh. She and her team create the best possible outcomes with the utmost professionalism. Clients say that working with her is smoother and more enjoyable than they expected. As a result, the word spreads about Abeer Sharaf REALTOR®.

    "I want to continue to serve my clients and be the best I can be for them," she says. And despite how busy she is as an active agent and having her coaching business, Abeer still devotes energy to supporting the community. "I want to keep helping people however I can," she says, echoing a running theme behind her success.

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    Abeer Sharaf
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